Vacancy: Agricultural worker

  • Salary €13,27
  • Hours per week 40 hours
  • City Winsum

About the job

As a weeder, your primary responsibility will be to lie on a weed bed and carefully remove unwanted grass and weeds from our onion fields. The weed bed provides protection from direct sunlight and light rain, ensuring a comfortable working environment. This position requires attention to detail and the ability to work efficiently to maintain the quality of our onion crop.


• Ability to work outdoors and available from June until August
• Attention to detail and ability to perform repetitive tasks with accuracy
• Willingness to work in a team environment
• Drivers license is a preference

About the company

You will be working in a close-knit family business that has been family-run for many years. Together with the team you will make the work fun and ice creams or other treats are handed out regularly.

What we offer

We offer a fulltime position, with the hours varying depending on the weather conditions. Sometimes you will also work in the weekend. At the beginning of June they will start with the season until the middle of August, depending of the weather conditions.
- Salary €13,27 from 21 years

You will receive also holiday hours and payment of 8,33%. We provide a comfortable accommodation in the North of the Netherlands with a company car for commuting. Also we arrange when needed a Dutch health insurance.

Are you interested? Click on the Apply button or contact us by giving us a call at (+31) 50 549 94 01 or send an email to

Non-EU citizens can only apply for the job if they have a valid Dutch work permit.

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