Team Abiant EU Service

The Abiant EU Service team consists of Dominika, Kasia, Tom and Elvi.

Team leader Tom Verschoor

Tom (20201103095800580).jpg

Tom ensures daily that good agreements are reached with clients regarding placement of our employees. In addition, Tom is responsible for ensuring a good introductory period for temporary employees at the clients' sites. He will therefore regularly come to see if everything is going well and if there are any specific wishes.

Personnel planner Dominika Frac


When you work in the Netherlands, Dominika ensures that you get a suitable place to live temporarily. In addition, she ensures that transport is arranged from and to your workplace. As a planner she is also responsible for scheduling various activities for the employees. Do you already work via Abiant EU Service or do you have any questions regarding planning? E-mail or call Dominika on +31 593 21 40 00.

Account manager Kasia Prus


Like Tom, Kasia ensures that good agreements are reached with clients regarding placement of our employees on a daily basis. She also regularly visits clients to meet the employees at work. In addition to her position as account manager, Kasia supports planning where necessary.

Recruiter Elvi Wu

Abianter Elvi Voorbeeld.jpg

Elvi ensures that vacancies that are open to our clients are filled with employees. She recruits, selects and informs candidates about the opportunities offered by Abiant EU Service. 

Do you want to find work via Abiant EU Service? Call Elvi via +31 593 21 40 00 or send your résumé to and Elvi will contact you.