Abiant and personal data

Personal data are handled and secured with the utmost care. Abiant respects the privacy of everyone who provides personal information and of all users of its website and it ensures that all the personal information you provide is treated in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In order to be able to make our website and the associated services available to users, Abiant and its business units (hereinafter referred to as Abiant) must process personal data in a number of cases.

Therefore if you choose to voluntarily provide us with personal data, we will use it in accordance with our privacy statement. The same applies if you leave personal data on the website.

Who are we?

The following subsidiaries are users of this privacy statement. They are responsible within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation, as it takes effect as of May 25, 2018.

  • Abiant Bedrijfsverzorging Ltd.
  • Abiant Bouwservice Ltd.
  • Abiant Detachering Ltd.
  • Abiant Flexdiensten Ltd.
  • Abiant Holding Ltd.
  • Abiant NL Ltd.
  • Abiant Payroll Ltd.
  • Abiant Personeelsdiensten Ltd.
  • Abiant Personeelsservice Ltd.
  • Abiant Uitzendorganisatie Ltd (also known as Abiant EU Service)
  • Rundveepedicurecentrum Groningen Ltd.

All located (with head office) at Kieler Bocht 64, 9723 JB in Groningen

How do we get your personal data?

We collect your personal data as soon as you fill in your details or leave them on our website, you register with one of our branches or register in a different way or have registered to use our services.

Why do we collect your personal data?

We collect and process your data for the services that we provide, including acting as your agent, temporary employment, secondment, payroll, recruitment & selection, personal development and employability, payroll administration and personnel management.
Personal data that Abiant receives from its flexworkers, candidates, applicants, self-employed persons with no employees and (direct or hired) employees can be used by the Company for the following purposes:

  1. to comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  2. to check your identity using your identity document and also to record this check.
  3. to apply for a work permit if necessary or to apply for an A1 certificate (in case someone goes to work abroad).
  4. to enter into and maintain an employee / employer relationship or a personnel / employment / agent relationship with you and to carry out a personnel, financial, hours-, absenteeism- and / or salary-related administration, or a relationship aimed at entering into and maintaining assignments and carry out assignments and to carry out financial accounting for this;
  5. to assess your suitability for a particular position or assignment, to record your availability and to put you in touch with or to introduce you to one or more (potential) clients and / or relations;
  6. to act as an agent for your employment, education or training opportunities, to offer career advice and / or other (work-related) services, to place you with clients, to carry out work with clients, or to provide you with assignments;
  7. to be able to conclude agreements with you, our client (s) and / or relationship (s) and to be able to execute and comply with them;
  8. to assess whether you qualify for a (premium) discount and / or subsidy or if you fall under a (premium) discount or subsidy scheme;
  9. to comply with our re-integration obligations and to comply with the government-imposed goal of helping people with a large (er) distance to the labor market to work;
  10. in order to be able to continue wage payment during incapacity to work. This wage payment can be made by Abiant but also by a third party engaged by Abiant.
  11. to promote and stimulate your personal development, to allow you to take part in (online) tests and to generate test results;
  12. to inform you about our services, other activities and / or field-specific information (for example via e-mail, newsletters, company magazines and professional literature) and to be able to make offers on behalf of Abiant;
  13. for management purposes and generating management information and reports, conducting market analysis, (internal and external) audits, audits as well as facilitating and maintaining Company’s safety;
  14. to allow you to access and use our private web portals, HelloFlex and our intranet;

What are the legal grounds for processing your personal data?

In view of article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation, the following justifications for the processing of your personal data apply:

  • the processing is necessary for the execution of or ensues from your employment contract/assignment contract with Abiant;
  • the processing is necessary to execute Abiant’s services or ensues directly from it;
  • the processing is necessary for Abiant to meet its legal obligations;
  • by registering with Abiant you have made it known that you are available for work; thus you have also given permission to process certain data in that context.

What personal information do we collect from you?

We process the personal data necessary for performance of our service; part of this information is required to use our services. Additional information may be desirable in order to better tailor the service to your wishes and qualities or, if necessary, to comply with more specific questions or obligations from clients. You are responsible for the accuracy and relevance of the data you provide.

 More specifically, this concerns - among other things - the following (documents with) personal data:

At registration:

  • name, address, place of residence-related details, e-mail address and other contact details
  • birth-related data, age, gender
  • curriculum vitae (cv), information about training, internships and work experience
  • information about training and education and / or tests that you have followed or done yourself or through us
  • data on availability and leave
  • other information that may be important in the assessment of the suitability of the candidate, for example references and testimonials
  • passport photo and video (introduction) - on a voluntary basis
  • sometimes the BSN / ID certificate. If we can not put you to work, these will be destroyed after four weeks or with your permission after a year

Once you can work / work / worked for Abiant:

  • nationality, BSN number, ID certificate, work permit
  • other data related to employee, salary and absenteeism records, such as bank account numbers and wage data
  • in addition, we sometimes also process data on behalf of our clients in the context of a pre-employment screening, for example obtaining references

We only process special personal data insofar as you explicitly give permission for this or we are a (different) legal basis to do so. Special personal data are data about a person's religion or belief, race, political opinion, health, sexual life, as well as data concerning the membership of a trade union. In addition in this category are also included criminal law data and data about unlawful or nuisance behavior in connection with an imposed restriction as a result of this behaviour.

The special data that we process mostly concerns data that can be collected from your identity document, which we have to make a copy of if you work for us or a CV on which a (passport) photo is placed.

In addition, we can process special personal data with regards to your health, benefit situation or background. We do this in order to make use of (premium) discounts and / or subsidies, to meet our re-integration obligations and to implement the government goal to help people with a large (er) distance to the labor market, which can be found in various (future) laws and regulations. People with a large (er) distance to the labor market include people who are unemployed for a longer period of time, 50 years of age or older and / or without reintegration support or have difficulties coming to work.

To whom do we pass on your personal data?

Abiant can pass on your personal data to its (potential) clients and relations, suppliers (for example training organizations), audit institutions, government institutions (Employee Insurance Agency - UWV, Tax Office, Social Insurance Bank), pension funds, subcontractors and to companies and / or persons that it has engaged to carry out. certain tasks (including information processing, occupational health services and, if applicable, private health care providers who support you on behalf of Abiant during illness and also on behalf of Abiant can pay an allowance during illness). It can also pass on your details to agencies that help us to establish your identity. In addition, Abiant can provide your data to third parties if it is entitled or required to do so by virtue of the applicable laws and / or regulations, a court order or a court order, or has received permission from you for this. Abiant can also place and / or publish your profile or curriculum vitae, after you have given permission for it, anonymously or in an private section on its website (s) and customer portals, possibly supplemented with test results of any (online) performed tests. Abiant can also pass on your personal data to other subsidiaries of Abiant.

How long do we keep your personal data?

The retention periods we apply depend on the applicable statutory retention periods.

  • If you have not yet worked for Abiant

Your data that we use acting as agent (CV, work experience, education, test results etc.) is available for up to two years after the last contact if you did not work for Abiant. You will receive a message from us stating that you are registered with us, both one year after the last contact and two years after the last contact.

If you no longer wish for us to act as your agent, you can send an e-mail to ictsupport@abiant.nl. You will no longer be contacted and Abiant will no longer act as your agent. Your data will then be destroyed.

If you have provided data to Abiant in the context of an application, other than for the purpose of being registered with us as your agent, your data will be destroyed after four weeks or, with your permission, after one year.

  • If you work / have worked for Abiant

Your personal data are available for up to two years after the end of employment.

Certain personal details are available for Abiant longer for purposes of, for example, claims, audits and tax obligations. Abiant does not store your personal data longer than legally permitted, legally required and / or necessary for the purposes for which the data is processed. How long certain data is stored therefore depends on the nature of the data and the purposes for which it is processed. Abiant always chooses the shortest retention period within these frameworks.

Personal data can be passed outside the Netherlands. Abiant has taken the necessary measures to ensure that all personal data transmitted is adequately protected.

What are your rights with regards to your personal data?

You have the right to request Abiant to grant you access to the personal data that Abiant processes in relation to you. You may also request the adjustment or removal of your personal data from the Abiant system or request the restriction of the processing of your personal data.

You also have the right to object to the processing of your data and you have the right to have your data transferred by Abiant.

If you wish to make use of these rights, you can send an email to ictsupport@abiant.nl. You then have to state in as much detail as possible what personal data it concerns. Abiant will aim to respond to your request within four weeks. If we can not satisfy your request, you will receive a message explaining why. We can also ask you for further information before we make a final decision on your request.

You can always submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, see the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority