Vacancy: Agriculture employee

  • Salary €10,21 per hour
  • Hours per week 48 hours
  • City Beilen

About the job

As an agricultural worker you love to work outside. You like to do various jobs and you don’t mind working long hours.

We are looking for several workers for our customers in Drenthe, Groningen and Friesland. You’re working with colleagues from all over  Europe and you don’t mind working on a Saturday too.
There is no experience required but you need to have a lot of motivation and energy!

You will be working outside in the field or inside the greenhouse with plants, flowers, vegetables or fruits. That means weeding, picking flowers, sorting the vegetables etc.

If you travel to us from your country - you can move in to our accommodation and go to work with others using a company car. If you already live in NL at your own place and have your own transportation - we can find you a job nearby. 


  • high motivation
  • basic knowledge of English or German
  • driving license B (not required but highly recommended)

What we offer

  • wages in accordance the Collective Work Agreement, we pay out all overhours
  • possibility to make extra hours
  • possibility to come back every year for the season
  • health insurance, accommodation and a car for work
  • holiday pay and holiday hours

Are you interested? Contact us! You can give us a call at (+31) 593 21 40 00 or send an email to

Non-EU citizens can only apply for the job if they have a valid Dutch work permit.

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