Vacancy: Milker

  • Salary Between €11 and €12 per hour
  • Hours per week 30 hours
  • City Beilen

About the job

Have you ever wondered how much milk we drink every day? You can take a part in this process and its source: cows! Have you got experience as a milker? We have a permanent job for you!

We are looking for expirienced milkers, who can also feed and look after the cows. Do you enjoy working with animals, but you are also a social colleague? You can send us your CV and we will look around for a perfect farm for you.



  • high motivation
  • ability to work independently
  • experience required
  • knowledge of English
  • driving license cat. B

What we offer

  • job at a reliable and trustful company
  • 40 hours per week guarantee (up to 50-60 per week)
  • work for the longer term
  • holiday pay and holiday hours
  • health insurance and accommodation, car for work

Are you interested? Contact us! You can give us a call at (+31) 593 21 40 00 or send an email to

Non-EU citizens can only apply for the job if they have a valid Dutch work permit.

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