How to secure your summer job in the Netherlands

Without any notice, 2 months of 2020 are almost gone. Since January there are hundreds of thousands of active job seekers hunting new opportunities in the Netherlands. A huge amount of them are looking for agricultural jobs. Unfortunately the agricultural season hasn’t really started yet, due to the low temperature and the changeable weather, followed by storm Ciara and Dennis.
However, the recruitment season for agriculture starts approximately in the late March or early April. And the planning for the whole period should be mostly done before the end of June. A great amount of students and other workforce from European Union countries flow to the Netherlands in order to gain some experience and for a higher payment with seasonal work. The timing is crucial to secure your summer job in the Netherlands, so as high level of motivation!

Here are some advice for your application for the seaonal work.

1. Early Application

Early bird catches the worm. There is never a ‘most perfect moment’ for job applications, even if there is no suitable offer at the moment, it doesn’t hurt to start your application early. Because the selection is a combination of orders and candidates’capability. In temporary job markets, there are changes almost every week. Whenever the recruiters are in need of available personnels, the good candidates who are already in the database almost always come to their mind in the first place. So don’t be afraid if there are no vacancies yet. If there’s nothing yet, think positively and patiently wait. It takes time for the best to happen.

2. Remain positive contact

Remain positive contact but not on a daily basis and not with everyone. After the first round of your applications, pick out the nicest agencies to your own opinion. From the attitude of the interviewers, you can already foresee how people carry out their work in the company. Make smart decision to avoid future conflicts. You can judge by whether or not enough information was given, whether you have a stable contact person in this agency, and when you have questions, if they really have the passion to help you out. Put your effort in the most trustworthy agencies. You can always ask for the recruiters’opinions – estimated time when you might possibly get a feedback regarding your job hunting. Positivity is the key!

3. Gain experience whenever you can

Experience is always an advantage, even for a non-skilled function. This is especially important when there are less available vacancies. Though it is understandable if you’re lack of experience due to a young age. It’s always nice to start somewhere, you never know when your experience will come in handy. If you really don’t have much experience in the industry you are applying for, don’t forget to show your sincere to learn and grow. As non-skilled workers, it is also very important to be flexible about the work types while knowing your limit.

In every case, never leave your positivity at home! Opportunities are for the ones who come prepared :)

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